Competitive touch technologies are resistive and capacitive film. Resistive film lacks precision, sensitivity and transparency, and wears out. Capacitive film is delicate and costly, difficult to manufacture, incurs high rework percentages, and is finger-sensitive only, prohibiting the use of gloves or pen.



Our patent pending force-sensing design mounts entirely beneath the LCD, and detects a touch from imperceptible floating motion of the screen. This eliminates overlays, which impair screen brightness and battery life. Our solution is a low-cost, eminently simple design-in for any host device, is All-Touch capable (finger, glove, pen, etc.) and performs as well as capacitive film & better than resistive film.


Floating Sensor Pad

Our Floating Sensor Pad is a flexible, peel & stick adhesive pad that mounts to the bottom of a display, and actually floats the display within its host device. The sensor pad embodies an array of motion sensors that detect each touch. These measurements are used by a touch controller to compute touch location in all 3 axes, X, Y and Z.